You’re never too old to find your Sweet Spot – Part 2

July 27, 2012

ShareThis is the second part of a 3-part instalment. Go here to read Part One George Foreman Big bad George Foreman was a formidable fighter in his 70′s heyday. He was there at ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ with Muhammad Ali, beat fighters like Joe Frazier in 1973 for the Heavyweight belt and also annihilated Ken […]

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You’re never too old to find your Sweet Spot

July 24, 2012

ShareThanks to Michael Ames for his article “The Ripeness and the Rot” from Lucky Peach Issue #2 which was the inspiration for this article Picture this: It’s a hot summer’s day and you decide to visit the Fremantle wharf. While standing on the wharf you see a big fishing trawler come into dock – you […]

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TCM meridians and fascia: what does it have to do with the internal arts?

July 13, 2012

ShareThis was originally a guest-post I wrote for The Way of Least Resistance martial arts blog run by my brother-in-law Dan Djurdjevic. The post relates the fascial system to the Traditional Chinese meridian system and how they both intertwine with the Internal Martial Arts, such as Tai Chi. Lots of good ways to train the […]

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The power of play and the subconscious mind

July 10, 2012

SharePlay/games/shenanigans we usually associate with children and thus the majority of adults will consider it beneath them to play games. This might be to kick a football, throw a tennis ball or to play dodge. This is rather unfortunate as the power of play and games incorporated into our daily lives not only adds a […]

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Increasing flexibility without stretching???

July 5, 2012

ShareI posted this Youtube video yesterday of my colleague Myan and her forward bend: Pretty amazing right? Go try it yourself, if you don’t have a spiky ball a baseball, cricket ball or softball will do. Even a tennis ball. Go on…I’ll wait for you… So how does this actually work? Voodoo magic aside, as […]

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Live longer, be smarter and stress less!

July 3, 2012

Share If you’re reading my blog I probably don’t need to preach to the converted – you already know the benefits of exercise, whether you currently exercise or not (yeah, YOU!). But what you may not know are the benefits of exercise on what some consider the holy grail – living longer – and also […]

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Pole gymnastics – Mallakhamb, Coach Le Le and strip clubs

June 28, 2012

ShareI want you to watch this video and tell me which muscles is he working? My good friend Zhang Le from ZAiA hamming it up – boy is he strong! If you started listing muscles and ended-up tallying most of the muscles in the body you would probably be right. Having been coached by Zhang […]

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7 things I learned from working in the circus – Part 2

June 26, 2012

ShareSomewhere between nostalgia and neuralgia everything old becomes new again. – Robert Lipsyte A reader of my article 7 things I learned from working in the circus posted: “Thank you for sharing these well documented insights, but…now that you have learned these lessons…would you consider sharing how you will apply them in your next chapter […]

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Henry Rollins – Iron and the Soul

June 20, 2012

Share I’m making this inspiration week; first Steve Jobs and today spoken-word maestro Henry Rollins. Henry Rollins is probably best known for his spoken word tours or possibly his days with punk band Black Flag.  My friend, Darin Basile, sent me this link today which is fantastic – Rollins talks about the turning point in […]

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Steve Jobs on life: what happens if you poke it?

June 18, 2012

ShareOne from the inspiration files today. I came across this gem of an interview with Steve Jobs via the site Presentation Zen.  This was from back in 1995 when Steve was with his company NeXT Computer, a year before he returned as CEO of Apple (See my brother Gavin’s illustrated history of Steve Jobs here). […]

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