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by Trevor Aung Than on September 11, 2012

I’ve recently received some really nice feedback from two of our early morning Circus Conditioners; Raechel Norton and Lara Dwyer. Have a read what these lovely ladies had to say about our classes;

Raechel Norton

Raechel is Assistant Manager at Lululemon Athletica Perth City as well as a yoga teacher in her spare time when she is not riding her mountain bike all over town!

Love doing Circus Conditioning with Trevor – with a background in Dance and Yoga I was looking for something to build strength in my body that wasn’t too aggressive. Circus Conditioning ticks all the boxes. Plus, I don’t think I’ve had this much fun this early in the morning with a group of people before!

Lara Dwyer

Lara is the founder of Sukha Yoga and teaches Vinyasa or flow yoga in Perth. Lara is currently reinvigorating Spring in Perth by holding outdoor yoga classes for the month of September. Click here for details!

Trevor’s circus conditioning classes are highly enjoyable, even at 6:20am! The circuits he creates are innovative and challenging to the ability of each individual. Trevor’s strong anatomical knowledge is a huge benefit and all the exercises offered are demonstrated and practiced with a focus on strong alignment and safety. As a Yoga Teacher, I have found these classes highly beneficial in helping me build strength and I don’t walk away feeling as if i have been hit by a truck, instead I feel strong and energised. Thanks Trevor for being so passionate about what you have to share!

Thanks ladies for the kind words. Have you been on the fence about starting exercise again?? Do you miss that feeling of sweat on your brow, that golden glow after a good workout?? Need to re-energise your boring exercise program?? If you’re in Perth, come on down to one of our classes…I promise it’ll be fun ; )

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