You’re never too old to find your sweet spot – Part 3

by Trevor Aung Than on July 31, 2012

This is the third part in a 3-part series. Go here to read Part One and here for Part Two

And for our conclusion, the comeback of the century… a little tale from the business world which is now pretty much folklore – Steve Jobs. To build a company like Apple in 10 years and then to be fired from the company he actually founded…only to go on, start from scratch and do it all over again. Amazing. Commentators say the story of Jobs and Apple is the greatest turnaround in business history.

For a pictorial brief of Jobs’ life, my brother did this comic on his life from a section of his 2005 Stanford commencement speech. The speech contains some gems, it is well worth a watch;

I like how Jobs admits he was ready to give it all away after being fired from Apple.

What if he didn’t try again? If he didn’t go on and start NeXT computing.

Maybe there wouldn’t be any iPods or different would the world be?

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