New Youtube Video

by Trevor Aung Than on January 9, 2014

Happy New Year conditioners!

To celebrate, I recently filmed a video with efit30 about Tensegrity – essentially how our body derives structure and strength.  Take a look!

What is Tensegrity?

A reminder I am available for physiotherapy and rehabilitation consults.  Contact me directly on +61452 614 775.  I am available most weekday afternoons in Bayswater and West Perth.







Ever since I could remember I’ve wanted to have my very own article published in an ACTUAL magazine. Not some two-bit school newsletter that I edited myself (no intentional disrepect to school newsletter editors) but in a proper magazine. And in the last few months I have had just that. My mum is super proud.

My first article was published earlier in the year in the Australian Fitness Network magazine which is for members of the Australian Fitness Network, the leading source of information, education and events in the Australian fitness industry. The article featured interviews I conducted with cast and crew of the Cirque du Soleil show OVO while they were on tour in Sydney. Click here for a PDF of the article.

The other article I had published was for the Australian Physiotherapy Association’s (APA) publication inTouch Magazine on the Anatomy Trains. The article was a follow-up up to a clinical lecture I held at the APA here in Perth late last year. The article was just published a couple of months ago. Click here for a PDF.

So if you’re working on that school newsletter and have a deadline approaching…don’t fret. Who knows what you may accomplish in the future? Wall Street Journal? The Lancet? People Magazine? You may just make your mum super proud.


Why your big toe is so important for movement

June 23, 2013

ShareEver wondered why your big toe is so important for movement? Have you ever hurt your big toe and been crippled from what seemed like a minor injury? Well here is one of the reasons why: your Superficial Back Line (SBL). The SBL is one continuous length of connective tissue starting/ending from your plantar fascia […]

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Free your Body Workshop

June 4, 2013

Share Hi guys, it’s been awhile! These last couple of months has seen some pretty crazy happenings in my world; Page 3 article in The West Australian newspaper (this requires another blogpost altogether…), presenting at FILEX in Sydney back in April and holding my first workshop on my own. On 25 May 2013 I was […]

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How to make your own spine mobiliser

February 24, 2013

Share I’ve been playing around with thoracic mobility drills lately and this homemade thoracic spine (T-spine) massage device really can’t be beat.  I first saw or read about this years ago done by Mike Boyle and some of you may have already seen this but it’s so important I want to repeat it here.  A lack […]

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The day Usher came to the circus

December 6, 2012

Share Back in July, 2010 I exited the elevator for what I thought was going to be a normal day at work. Well, as normal as a day could get when you work in the circus! As I passed the communal Green Room, I noticed a man sitting on the sofa who looked familiar. I […]

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Advice for Beginners

November 22, 2012

Share My brother, Gavin, recently published this comic Advice for Beginners illustrating a quote by Ira Glass. It was a great reminder. Every great storyteller, painter, musician, superhero, yogi or circus artist would have sucked at some point but they stuck at it until they didn’t suck anymore. Author David Kadavy writes about it in […]

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The King – Alberto Marinelli on his life and what to do when your lion escapes from your circus

October 19, 2012

ShareThis was an interview I did with the great Alberto Marinelli (far right in picture above, with Wagner in the middle and myself far left), a 3rd generation circus performer, whom I had the pleasure of working with and on at ZAiA. The interview was conducted on 19 Dec 2011 over a Sichuan-style lunch in […]

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Australian Physiotherapy Association photoshoot

October 9, 2012

ShareI recently took part in a photoshoot for the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA). I was quite humbled to take part – the mandate was “Physiotherapy in Australia” – and I guess I was chosen as my work is a little off-centre from the traditional physiotherapy practice. The photographer was Sarah Enticknap and Sarah got some […]

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What does an effective warm-up look like?

September 20, 2012

ShareIn follow-up to my last post on our body as a tensegrity structure, this post will discuss the principles I use when planning and implementing warm-up drills. To warm-up and move the body efficiently and effectively we have to take into account the structure of what we are: we’re not made of concrete or mortar, […]

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